Music Monday

June 14th, 2010

Music Monday at Bloorview

  • Music Mondays was integrated into an existing program – an afterschool drop-in music therapy program that was fairly new to the Centre.
  • This included children from 4 to 12 years of age.
  • Main aim/goal – allow musical play and exploration of instruments. At least twice in the session, it was the music therapist’s responsibility to bring the group playing together to give a sense of group cohesion, social awareness, and success. This was facilitated with the use of Serena Ryder’s song as an inspiration.
  • We were privileged to have David Alter and Adrian Anantawan (famous Canadian Violinist who has a prosthetic arm) to assist and inspire the children.
  • We recorded all 4 sessions with the final performance take used to feature Music Mondays on our website with some nice pictures of the kids.
  • Though we have no formal outcomes for this program, I can tell you that attendance was at a record high for this event. Parents who attended were pleased with their children’s participation and opportunity to express. I feel this was an excellent time for the children and youth to PLAY, SING, SHAKE, and DRUM out their feelings. It was a wonderful program – we are thankful to David for the opportunity to participate!