Welcome to Vigour Projects.

Music for health.

Who We Are

Vigour Projects is an organization dedicated to exploring and pursuing the positive impact that music can have on the health of individuals and communities. Our projects bring together cutting-edge medical research and artistic expression toward a goal of community health and development.

The Music-Health Connection

While most people are aware that music has an affect on happiness, few people realize the multitude of ways in which music can benefit our health and even foster community development.

We have come to see our health in a fragmented way, separating physical, mental and emotional health, and individual and community health.  Vigour Projects is a leader in reuniting these elements through a series of projects that explore, promote and educate people about the symbiotic relationship between musical expression and the health of individuals and communities.

Our Vision

Vigour Projects envisions a society where music and musical expression are understood and appreciated not only for their value as an art form, but also for their critical role in our health.

Our Mission

Vigour Projects’ mission is to actively improve health through music.  Our primary focus is on finding opportunities to work together with charities dealing with specific health issues.  Our secondary focus is on raising awareness of the role that music can play in individual and community health, so that people will begin to think about health in a new way.

We pursue our mission by implementing projects that leverage current research on the connection between music and health toward a goal that benefits people and communities.

Our Work

Vigour Projects plans, organizes, implements and evaluates a range of projects targeted toward the improvement of health.  This variety in our projects and partnerships serves to showcase the level of diversity in the capacity of music for healing.

Each project targets a specific health issue (a disease, disability or community health matter), with music playing a key role in every initiative and event.  The musical component can be a form of therapy, a means of raising funds to benefit a particular cause, or a way of bringing folks together in support of a community.

We collaborate with different charities and foundations and the scope of each initiative will depend on the needs of our partner organizations. A project will generally consist of a few main components: a music-based objective (e.g., song composition, music performance, music-technology application), multimedia (e.g., film documentary), research and development, and knowledge translation activities (e.g., through our website and live events).  Some of these components will serve to generate funds for the partnering charity (i.e. song downloads, event donations).